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Are Golf Simulators Worth It?

Simulators were originally intended to help players practice, especially when weather made golfing itself less pleasant, but they’ve evolved into a sport in their own right. In fact, half of the users of golf simulators have never played the actual game. In this way, golf simulators were born as a training tool but turned into their own game.

Some questions about Golf Simulators:

What is the best home golf simulator?

Golf simulators offer simulated access to famous courses, some of which may be inconvenient to get to for players, or too expensive for them to visit. And simulators also offer fictional courses, which aren’t bounded by the limits of geography. The real-world course simulations mean better retention for companies that operate real-world courses; during the golf season, a golf simulator is a partial substitute for golfing, but over the course of a year it’s a complement, since it keeps players in the game even when they’re not on the course. Players can pay a virtual visit to their favorite course even in the middle of winter. When a product is unusable for a long period of time, maintaining users’ routines in the short term is key to retaining them over the long term.

What is the cheapest golf simulator?

Golf simulators have existed long enough to show seasonal trends in search and online discussion, which tend to be the inverse of the golf season. This indicates that a healthy share of usage still comes from golfers who want to hone their skills off-season. Simulators are offered at a variety of price points, from minimalist products for under $300 to room-sized rigs that cost over $20,000. Recent usage has accelerated thanks to the pandemic, which has shut down some golf courses and also caused people to move away from cities and to more spacious suburbs and small towns, where they have enough indoor space for a golf simulator.

How much is a Full Swing Golf simulator?

Golf is considered a rich person’s sport and, in contrast to many membership-based golf clubs, low-end golf simulators can help expand the market. In fact, golf’s high-end status originates, in part, from real estate. According to Census data, urban areas make up just 3% of land in the US, yet hold more than 80% of the population and a large proportion of the wealth. In order to carve out land for a golf course in an urban area, golf course companies must pay high costs which are then passed on to wealthy urban customers in the form of high membership fees.


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